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 Alice Stafford

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PostSubject: Alice Stafford   Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:40 pm

Name:Alice Stafford
Description (DETAILED, OKAY? HAIR, EYES, HEIGHT, BODY TYPE, ETC): Alice has light blonde virgin hair that looks as though it's been bleached a thousand and seven times. It goes to mid-back and is pin-straight and usually in pigtails. Her eyes are a dark blue and usually lined with charcoal black that smudges easily. She is about 5'4" and the average weight for a person her size.
Personality: Alice is a fairly normal person around others, and enjoys working with bands. She always had dreams of playing in a band- but look where that got her? When not around strangers, however, she appears to be less normal than she is. Most of her free time is spent reading books, playing music, or watching lame horror movies in the tour buses of bands she works for. Her favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate.
Weird phrases and words they use? she proves Canadian stereotypes true by saying "eh" way too much.
Notes: Does not play well with others.
History: Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Alice lead a fairly normal life up till she told her parents she wasn't going to University. After they flipped out, she left and went to tour on Warped with Alexisonfire, working as part of the crew, setting up and stuff, and occasionally taking care of merch. That didn't last long though, and after they fired her she was lucky enough to have Fall Out Boy take her in as part of the crew and has been working for them ever since.
Favorite Band/Employer/Etc: She works for FOB, though enjoys watching MCR, FFTL, A7X, The Offspring, and the Academy Is... onstage.
Interests: Riding her bike, writing and playing music
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Random shit about them?: Has been in several bands which failed miserably.

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PostSubject: Re: Alice Stafford   Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:42 pm


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Alice Stafford
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