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 The Iero Sister:p

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PostSubject: The Iero Sister:p   The Iero Sister:p EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 2:12 pm

Name: Alexia (Alex) Iero

Age: 161/2

Description: Straight, bright, long, blonde hair that goes down about half way from her shoulders, thats always worn down. Usually wears skinny jeans that are wayy to long for her, so they bunch up at the bottom. Colorful or sparkly tanktops and maybe a dark, worn out jacket over them, that she usually has falling off her shoulders. Black converse or short combat boots for her shoes. She's about 5' and stands a bit awkwardly. A weird tattooo of a flying butterfly comes down the side of her hips and she has a belly button piercing.

Personality: She's got a big Ego, so if she's called short, she may freak out a little bit with a pout saying "I'm not short!" and then crossing her arms. She can be goofy sometimes, and most of the time she just doesn't care (unless called short). She has bad ass attitude and loves getting into trouble. Half the time she's drunk, because she's a big alcoholic, she just doesn't like beer. But everything else she loves:P

Weird phrases and words they use? "I'm not short" >_<

Notes: Fears cops, spiders and people over 6'

History: When she was about 8, her parents got sick of her nasty, spoiled attitude. So, instead of sending her to catholic school liek they did to Frank, they sent her off to a school for young ladies. The school had put up with her for 6 years. Then when she brought a Mikes Hard Lemonade into her History class, while she was pretty much drunk. The sub for the class flipped, and then the princepal flipped. And well, Alex was kicked out of school, when she was sent home. Her parents just gave up on her, and she just became worse and worse. But, even thought her parents gave up they did send her to Rehab and make her go sometimes.- So, she's in Rehab, Kind of. She doesn't go often and when she does, she brings drinks with her, just to piss the people off. She is getting better-ish, at about 11 drinks per day:p

Favorite Band/Employer/Etc: My Chemical Romance (Of course), Blink 182, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, and a few others on which I can't think of right now.

Interests: Colors, Motorcycles, Crashing nice cars, music and Not getting her ID.

Favorite Color: Black and Purple

Random shit about them?: She has about 15 fake ID's that say she's 21, she does look older for her age. But she usually flirts with the guy cashiers to get her wine, and vodka and stuff. Her favorite, even though it's not quite effective is Mikes Hard Lemonade.
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Courtney "Sweater"
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The Iero Sister:p
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