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PostSubject: Sweater...   Sweater... EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 2:43 pm

Name: Courtney "Sweater" Beth Winter
Age: 21
Description (DETAILED, OKAY? HAIR, EYES, HEIGHT, BODY TYPE, ETC): Small, almost mousy looking. Sweater has big, blue eyes, long eyelashes, and low cheekbones. Her brown hair is to her waist, and resembles the color of an old brown leaf. She has a big smile, and her teeth are a bit crooked. She is really muscular, but not in a creepy, she-male type of way. She's pale, but has a bit of a tan on her arms, the back of her neck, and from her knees to half way up her thigh. She's about 4'9, and her entire family is extremely short. She's got quite the Napoleon complex
Personality: Defensive, violent, and argumentative. She's your typical bitch. She's fiercely independent, and is terrified of long-term commitments. She will fuck you up if you call her short, and she played field hockey since she was 6. Only girl of 6 kids, and the youngest. You can tell she had 5 brothers. She's easily embarrassed, and incredibly competitive. She hates birds.
Weird phrases and words they use?: "Killer!" (cool), Uses sounds and her hands to explain things (like "WHOOOOSH", "PEW PEW PEW!")
Notes: Her name stems from her elementary school days. Having 5 brothers, she got a lot of hand-me-downs. She saw sweaters as being mostly non-gender-specific, and wore sweaters a lot.
History: Oh, you'll all see xD
Favorite Band/Employer/Etc: Favorite band is Fall Out Boy. She likes MCR, though... She works at a nonprofit organization, so she doesn't get paid, really. She lives with her brother Ian.
Interests: Hockey, painting, cooking, makeup.
Favorite Color: purple
Random shit about them?: SHHH!

Courtney "Sweater"
Sweater... Gir
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PostSubject: Re: Sweater...   Sweater... EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 2:46 pm

"Oh, you'll all see"
I'm a bit scared

Carly Garnier
Mikey Way
Patrick Stump
Hikari Sato
Stella Murdock
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