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PostSubject: HIKARI HAS ARRIVED   Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:10 pm

Name: Hikari Sato
Age: 16
Description (DETAILED, OKAY? HAIR, EYES, HEIGHT, BODY TYPE, ETC): Hikari has bright red hair, like Gerard Way's (mind you, I created her before I even knew who Gerard Way is, so don't judge me.) that reaches her hips. She has bright green eyes that seem to shine like emeralds. She stands at five feet exactly, and is skinny, yet somehow strong.
Personality: Hikari, at first meeting, seems like the nicest girl you've ever met, but once you get to know her, you'll see how crazy she really is. She's your regular teenager, I suppose, but much more violent. Not many things can calm her down, except for her boyfriend and blasting music. She's very theatrical, and sometimes goes overboard
Weird phrases and words they use? "Remember, I'm carrying my Death Note..."
Notes: She's saving up to go to Juilliard.
History: Hikari was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, during a blizzard that almost caused her parents to get to the hospital late. She had a pretty good life, until she was 12. At that time, her brother had been 16 years old, and "ruining his life" as her parents said. So, as a consequence, all the pressure of academic success was dumped on her. She ran away when she was 14, but came back a month later once she heard what was happening to her little siblings. When she was fifteen she got a boyfriend named Adam, whom her parents don't exactly approve of. But Hikari has a car now, so they can't exactly stop her from going out.
Favorite Band/Employer/Etc: She has been working as a babysitter since she was 13, and her favorite band is 30 Seconds To Mars
Interests: Adam, music, and theatre
Favorite Color: Purple.
Random shit about them?: I don't know

Carly Garnier
Mikey Way
Patrick Stump
Hikari Sato
Stella Murdock
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