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PostSubject: NEWEST CHARRIE   Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:27 pm

Name:Lola Polizzi
Description (DETAILED, OKAY? HAIR, EYES, HEIGHT, BODY TYPE, ETC):She has really dark black hair like when you're in a pitch black room but in the right light you can see a dark blue or dark purple. She has really dark green eyes like moss in the dark. She stands at 5'6 exectly but she will gain a few inches in high heels. She's a little chubby but like not fat but not anereic skinny but she does have weight on her and is kinda stronge. She has moca skin like that coffe stuff that is really good.

Personality:She's a really fun girl unless you make her mad or you become her enemy. She can be really geeky at times and is a clean freak at times. She is a supersticious girl and loves to drive men crazy. She is also free spirited.
Weird phrases and words they use?If you want me to cook and poison everybody & we're gonna be dead in 2 minutes?... Whatever.
Notes:She's an ex of Kieran's charrie Corey
History:Lola had a pretty good life but she's never been good about choosing guys. She lived at an orphanage pretty much her whole life because her dad killed her mom and so he's in jail for life. She has been social and has had alot of friends and has heard alot of sad stories. Even though she lived in an orphanage she didn't hate it. She acturally has became friends with alot of her ex-boyfriends. And was adopted when she was 9.
Favorite Band/Employer/Etc:MSI and she works at star bucks
Interests:Boys and alchahol
Favorite Color:Dark red
Random shit about them?:
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PostSubject: Re: NEWEST CHARRIE   Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:04 pm


Carly Garnier
Mikey Way
Patrick Stump
Hikari Sato
Stella Murdock
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