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 For lack of a better name

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Baseline Detonation

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PostSubject: For lack of a better name   Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:03 pm

Name: Hsang an ping (otherwise known as Goodwin)


Description (DETAILED, OKAY? HAIR, EYES, HEIGHT, BODY TYPE, ETC): Thin body type with a thin skeletal build. However, most of his body is muscle, lean tough muscle. He has medium length black hair that is surprisingly very full and according to his bunkmate, quit luxurious. He is double jointed in three places, both shoulders and his left wrist. He has brown eyes but has contacts that change the color of his irises to a Damascus steel swirl. He actually has the appearance of a 20 year old even though he is actually older. He has relatively smooth characteristics which unfortunately, make the weapon on his hip even more noticeable though people usually notice his face before they notice the weapon. He is Asian but his eyes are much larger then normal and gives him a tone of relaxation, though his skin is actually much lighter then normal.

Personality: He is not a bad guy, nor is he particularly violent. He is smart but has a social disability that renders him extremely knowledgeable in many fields but causes him to communicate poorly. He talks before he thinks, often saying his thoughts out loud and revising his statements after they are spoken. He thinks of himself as a gentleman, finding it much more mature to not fight at all though he will fight if he really must. He cares very much for those he is actually friends with and even though he is slow to trust, it is very hard to lose his trust if you do become friends with him. He does not like hurting anyone and though he shows great knowledge in the field of weapons and military history, does not actually take pleasure in hurting anyone.

Weird phrases and words they use?: "Do I look crazy to you?"

Notes: The only reason he carries the firearms are so that if he encounters a threat, they are more likely to pick on easier prey, therefore, he doesn't have to resort to violence. Nevertheless, he is a very good shot with both weapons, having had to pull it once on a thug that had been too drunk to think straight anyway (though looking down the barrel sobered him up some).

History: He was a relatively smart kid though he had a problem with procrastination, always putting off everything till the last moment. When he got into collage however, he went to work and managed to achieve a patent in the field of chemistry, which lead him to getting fast tracked through collage. Things went on and he got a job, lost the job due to the boss not liking him, got hired at the lab and had a happy life. When one of his friends blew up the lab, they went on paid leave and got into engineering. Now they work with the tour, fixing lighting, vehicles, sound systems or anything else that could possibly break.

Favorite Band/Employer/Etc: Favorite bands are: Nightwish, Sum 41, Skillet and Pillar. Employer: an advanced physics laboratory working toward getting his post doctorate though because of some technical issues (the lab being destroyed in a small accident), he works as a professional engineer.

Interests: He has a taste for advanced nuclear physics, often rambling on and on if he gets the chance. He has an interest in classical and symphonic music, which is evident in the choice of Nightwish as his favorite band (which it is a symphonic metal group).

Favorite Color: His favorite color is split between black and dark blue. He often tries to mitigate this by wearing clothing that are either black with a bluish tint or wearing two pieces of clothing with those colors.

Random shit about them?: Concealed Carry and Open Carry permit holder, uses a Colt .25 (concealed carry) and a Glock 17 (open carry). He plays the violin quite proficiently, usually preferring to play bombastic types of symphonic music, exhibiting the ability to play the violin at 17 notes per second. He has a distaste for pop music.
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Voodoo Child

Voodoo Child

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PostSubject: Re: For lack of a better name   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:56 pm

Alrighty approved!

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For lack of a better name
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